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Everyone needs food. Food is on the short list of things that people literally cannot live without. Without access to healthy food, people are likely to experience worse physical and mental health and a lower quality of life. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources to eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet, if they can even afford enough food at all. This was one of the primary takeaways from the recent Community Food Assessment that was completed in Framingham.

In order to combat that issue, we built this website as a way to raise awareness of the food related resources that are available to Framingham residents. 


Here you can find information about the various projects and resources available right here in Framingham. Read up about the recent Community Food Assessment report. Find help registering for WIC or SNAP. Learn when and where there’s a farmers’ market near you. Check back often for updates on new initiatives going on with community partners. Ask questions -- we would love to talk about everything that is happening to feed Framingham!

If you can't feed a hundred people,

just feed one.

Mother Teresa

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FeedFramingham was created as a result of the Framingham Community Food Assessment, conducted by MetroWest Moves. MetroWest Moves is a Mass in Motion initiative with a goal to promote opportunities for healthy eating and active living as a way to reduce rates of chronic disease and increase people’s quality of life.

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